Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Treasure Coach Review - Bonus

Welcome to the Treasure Coach Review and the Treasure Coach Bonus.

What you're about to see is a no fluff, no filler, absolute straight to the point review of the product being launched by the Ukrainian marketer Maksym V.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the launch of this incredible product and I've seen what has been coming on January 21 for about the last 5 to 6 weeks.

In the last 10 days or so Maksym has released a bunch of videos showing you the absolutely brand-new, cutting edge method to making money online. I am extremely excited by what is on offer and so should you be.

Okay that's the intro over here is what you are going to get:

-You are going to get a complete step-by-step system is going to teach you how to use websites like AliBaBa. These types of websites are all about the importing and exporting our products.
-You will be taught how to use it and how to profit from it.
-No one is teaching this method yet.
-This game is wide open.

Don't worry, you will not have to start importing tons of products from China.
Nor will you start exporting products either.
In fact you will never touch a single product of any kind.

By navigating your way around this website you can bring the importers and exporters to the same table, set up a deal via e-mail and then reap the rewards.

Let me explain this a little further.......

Imagine there is a company in the US that wishes to buy a whole bunch of cell phones from China. All you have to do is find the manufacturer wishing to export the goods and put them in touch with the US company wishing to import them.

Imagine there is a minimum order of 12,500 metric tons of goods and you own one dollar commission for each ton!

That's $12,500 for just bringing the buyer and seller to the same table. Now imagine that is a repeat order that happens once a month and you get your commissions once a month!

Pretty cool, right?

Some people are probably looking at the figures above thinking 12,500 metric tons is a lot. But this is the average order as it fills one of the steel cargo crates that you see on board cargo ships.

This is an incredibly exciting time as this is a completely brand-new method of Internet marketing.

Forget article marketing, forget PPC, forget SEO, forget banner ads and forget e-mail lists.

All you need is one website for people wishing to import and export goods. That website is waiting for you.

The challenge is to sound incredibly professional as you deal with both parties. You will need an effective e-mails to send to your prospects and you will need to know how these deals go down. That's exactly where the Treasure Coach program comes in.

Because this is so new, there are no actual treasure coach bonus products that will match what Maksym V is going to teach you. However I still have put a bonus package together, in case you still want to continue with your other Internet marketing efforts and.

Simply click here to check out the bonus - Treasure Coach Review


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