Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cutting Edge Marketing Bonus.

If you have been looking into the ‘TC’ product you will have seen that Maksym, the creator, is using some cutting edge are cutting techniques in order to make incredible profits online. But what exactly does he mean by cutting edge?

Quite simply this phrase was coined to talk about methods and procedures that were brand-new and only being used at the point of any subject. Literally like the cutting edge of a knife. It is small and thin as not many people are using it.

These types of methods are usually very effective because they have not been flooded by millions and millions of people trying the same methods. For example, I imagine you have seen all of the marketing methods and attempts at people are making on video sites such as you tube.

Now don't get me wrong video marketing is very effective but can you imagine if you were one of only 100 people using this technique. You would be the point of the blade, leaving the way and the whole consumer market would be yours has there would be very little competition.

This is exactly where these cutting edge methods work. This is why they are so effective - minimal competition.

However, that does not mean to say that the old methods do not work.

Personally whenever I get my hands on some new marketing methods, I implement them straight away, test and tweak them. But I always, let me say that again, always back up these new methods with the tried and tested ones that work.

Let me give you an example:

A couple of months ago I was exposed to some incredible SEO techniques using simple one-page WordPress sites. The method worked like a treat and I was able to grab many top 10 spots on Google. However I also backed these sites up with some of the basics like article marketing, bookmarks, back links and a sprinkle of social network marketing.

This worked a treat.

So here is my advice for you: once you have finished reading this treasure coach review, then make sure you take a look at the bonus I'm going to include for anyone that makes the purchase. I will be giving away thousands of dollars worth of new books, videos and tools so that you can backup Maksym's cutting edge methods with rock solid, tried and tested gems that I use today.
Heres a couple of hints.....

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