Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Maksym V in 2010

The Internet marketing world is absolutely exploding right into the start of 2010, but as always there are bags full of different products launching every week. Just to give you an idea in 2009 I promoted three different moneymaking courses and that was it.

I am super careful what I promote, so hopefully when I do talk about something my readers know it's the real deal.

Wwll in January you are going to hear about a guy called Maksym V. I wont even write his surname here, without being rude as it is almost unpronounceable as this guy is from the Ukraine. You probably won't have heard much about this guy but he has been quietly making a whole lot of money on the Internet.

However, if you read the newspapers carefully in 2003 you will have seen the same man arrested in Bangkok, Thailand where he spent 12 months in a Thai prison only to then be extradited to the US where he spent more time behind bars.

He was accused of pirating software worth around $1 billion.

The best part is that in 2006 he proved his innocence and win his freedom.

With a new passion for life and spirituality level most of us can only dream of he began on his journey to finding a new cutting edge method to creating wealth on the Internet. Needless to say this guy succeeded and now he is spreading the word.

This blog is going to change and grow over time as I'm allowed to release more and more information about his incredible product called the Treasure Coach. Maksym is literally going to coach you to find all of the treasures that are hiding on the Internet, personally I can't wait.

There is something very different about this guy and I have been lucky enough to have a sneak peek at the modules contained in his course and boy is this going to shake up the marketing world.

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